How to write an inmate in harris county jail

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Inmate Mail

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Harris County

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The Harris County TX - The Jail located at Baker St in Houston, TX and is operated by the Harris County Sheriff.

Inmate Mail

New arrests and detainees are delivered to jail daily - Location: Baker St, Houston,TX. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is the largest sheriff's office in Texas and the third largest in the United States.

The HCSO maintains a headquarters facility in downtown Houston consisting of three jails and an inmate processing center, and throughout the county maintains five community storefronts, four outlying jails and five patrol.

Letters with no return address or improper addresses will be sent to the U.S. Post Office for final disposition. All inmate mail is inspected upon receipt by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

All inmate mail is inspected upon receipt by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Harris County Jail is located in Harris County and is the primary correctional facility for this area.

Public Records Requests

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Inmate Visitation

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How to write an inmate in harris county jail
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