How to write an inmate letter writing

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How to Write a Letter of Encouragement to a Person in Jail

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How to Write to a Prison Inmate in Arizona

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Writing A Letter To A Prison Inmate August 23, By Mark Miclette There are many people who will tell you that computers, and specifically e-mail and instant messaging, have killed the art of letter writing.

Write down your words on paper. Start by discussing how you feel about the inmate. If you are thinking of them or missing them, the beginning of the letter should address this. Depending on your relationship, this is the place in the letter where you can express your feelings toward the inmate.

It also sets up the overall tone of the letter. Writing a letter to a judge can be one of the most important things you do for a person who awaits trial or is an inmate.

How to Start a Letter to a Jail Inmate

You have to try and ensure to show the person in the best possible light, so they are seen as a good person who cares and the reason for this letter is merely an uncharacteristic blip. Here is my stock answer for anyone thinking of writing to an inmate. Some of this might apply to you.

some might not. Some of this might apply to you if he passes your letters on to other inmates. Can I write to someone on behalf of an inmate? This is a really bad idea. This is a really bad idea. Anyone who is asking you to forward mail or write to someone on their behalf is asking for trouble.

An inmate number can be found on this web site. Search for the prison or jail and find the inmate name. Numbers are given on the same page. In the event you cannot find a number, call the facility and ask for the number.

Can I write to someone on behalf of an inmate? This is a really bad idea. Anyone who is asking you to forward mail or write to someone on their behalf is asking for trouble.

How to write an inmate letter writing
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